EVSticker.com: Fully Removable Bumper Stickers for EV Owners &/OR Enthusiasts with the goal of accelerating EV usage.

What is EVSticker.com?

On the historic day the Gigafactory was announced, we were excited to launch our own small project: http://EVsticker.com - The goal of EV Sticker is to help accelerate the adoption of 100% electric cars with fun and funny removable bumper stickers exclusively for EV Owners (and fans!). The new stickers are not typical vinyl- they are a combination of 3 layers making them severe weather protected (sun/rain/ice/snow) as well as completely, 100% removable!

Easily order great bumper stickers for your Electric Vehicle or Car! We have a wide selection of EV Bumper Stickers and some funny EV Stickers for enthusiasts and drivers. 

"Thanks for my Order ...  My car [pictured]
with your beautiful stickers in Quebec / Canada. Thank you and have a nice day."
- Martin

We hope to have promotions where we offer many of our electric car stickers for free or low cost in order to help promote the movement from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) Cars to EVs (Electric Vehicles).

If you have a great idea for an Electric Vehicle Bumper Sticker please let us know. We are always trying to come up with new and funny ideas. Be sure to follow us and stay in the loop for Electric Car Sticker promotions discounts and freebies on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ @EVSTICKER.
Questions? Contact us at: contact@evsticker.com

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