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Order Electric Car and Vehicle Bumper Stickers at EVSticker.com: shockingly awesome Bumper Stickers for your Electric Vehicle. We've plugged in our creativity zappers, watched the sparks fly, and revved up some super-charged designs for you!

Our Bumper Stickers are made from Vinyl and they feature High Quality Full-Color Designs and Shading with a REMOVABLE adhesive thanks to AnyCling™. Each Bumper Sticker has a protective UV covering and Glossy layer that both protects from harsh and hot sun as well as cold and rainy weather. 

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee- if for any reason you're not completely happy with your bumper stickers of awesome- we will refund you 100%! 

Production can take 3-4 days, and Shipping usually occurs after that once your stickers are ready to go. Shipping travel times can take between 2-4 days for USPS Priority, and anywhere between 8-16 days other methods including International shipping.

Our Stickers are made in sunny California USA. We support Solar initiatives as well as any battery technology research. 

Please send us photos or videos of your EVStickers in action! 

Our goal is to provide fun, interesting, shocking and entertaining Electric Vehicle Bumper Stickers to EV drivers and Fans to help encourage the transition from ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) to EV (Electric Vehicles).  Your purchases and donations help us continue to encourage more EV's on the roads!