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CAV/CPV Removable Upgrade Kit - by EVSticker.com

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"CAV/CPV Removable Upgrade KIT" (4 sheets in kit + upgrade instructions) Upgrade your Government Issued VIN-Authorized Decals to be removable.  *** PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER BELOW BEFORE PURCHASING ***

Many EV owners are reluctant to include their Government Issued VIN-assigned CAV/CPV decals: because they are not comfortable with the idea that it is so permanent, and that they may have to scrape the sticker off into hundreds of pieces later.  This is intentional however to discourage vandalism or theft. Still, however, many are simply opting not to use the sticker because they simply love their car too much. Well.. THIS is a kit that enables authorized vehicle owners to "upgrade" their decals to be completely removable.

The removable material is the same one we use to create removable bumper stickers here at EVSticker.com - it is a sturdy and strong stick - yet easily removed.  *Before purchasing, please read the important disclaimer below*

SO, What are these?

This is an UPGRADE kit (Set of 4 sheets) for your CAV or Government issued Decal as part of incentive programs to help move towards clean air vehicles (& EVS). If you have one of these decals, but are afraid to use them because they might be extremely permanent, this is a kit that you can use to make them fully removable using this specialized removable material.  Simply stick your decal onto this thin removable sheet, then cut around the edge with a scissors following included instructions in your upgrade kit. The decal will then firmly stick right onto any smooth flat surface. It is important to note however, that this does not mean you can keep removing and replacing your decal. Once placed it is highly advised not to remove it until necessary to do so.

You assume full responsibility for your decal. The decals are protected by law and if are stolen must be reported to the police.  By purchasing an Upgrade Kit you agree that EVSticker.com cannot be held liable for any reason including Damage or Theft to your issued Decals. You assume full responsibility regarding your decal. EVSticker.com merely provides a set of materials for convenience to use at your own discretion. We hope that having more choice regarding placement options will help encourage further use of Clean Air Vehicles and EVs in general. Instructions on placement and tips to keep your Decal lasting longer will be included in your Kit.


More about the Decals:
Did you quality for any of the following government issued decals?: Green Clean Air Vehicle Stickers, White Clean Air Vehicle Stickers, White CAV decals, Green CAV decals, Clean Pass Vehicle.

Each decal is assigned to a specific VIN and is non-transferrable.

How many CAV decals can I order?

Up to 10 CAV decals can be requested per application form. More than one application may be submitted at one time.

Can I order replacements?

Yes, you can order replacements, but only if the sticker is lost, damaged, or stolen and you must explain what happened to the stickers. Read more on section 16. on this page:


Replacements can be ordered using this form:


What vehicles are eligible for the incentive program?

What vehicles are eligible for white or green decals?

White CAV decals are available to an unlimited number of qualifying vehicle that meets California’s super ultra-low emission vehicle (SULEV) standard for exhaust emissions and federal inherently low-emission (ILEV) evaporative emission standard. A 2004 model-year or older vehicle that meets the California ultra-low vehicle (ULEV) standard for exhaust emission and federal ILEV standard.

Green CAV decals are available to the first 40,000 applications that purchase or lease vehicles meeting California’s Enhanced Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle (enhanced AT PZEV) or Transitional Zero-Emission Vehicle (TZEV) standard.

Manufactured EVs that appears on their list of eligible EVs qualify for the white sticker. For conversions to qualify, the parts must have come from a conversion kit and the company selling the conversion kit must have followed the Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) certification procedure for the kit. see link One up home conversions do not qualify for the certification process.

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