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"Save money and lungs - drive a plugin!" - Electric Vehicle Bumper Sticker EV STICKER by @evguy

"Save money and lungs - drive a plugin!" - Electric Vehicle Sticker EV STICKER by http://twitter.com/evguy

Did you know, 100% Electric Vehicles don't have any fumes coming out of a tailpipe? In fact they don't even have a tailpipe. The air around them is clean, there is no fossil fuels burned. This contributes to cleaner air when you drive a plugin. As we make the switch to Solar Power and other renewable sources of clean energy, and as we drive our electric cars instead of ICE (internal combustion engine) cars, the air will get cleaner and cleaner. Show the rest of the world you support a cleaner Earth, for all of us. Save money and lungs, drive a plugin!

Thank you for this great submission from @evguy, who has been helping to propel the electric transportation industry and has been a regular spokesperson for the EV movement for over 18 years! http://gogreenmotion.com/

FULLY REMOVABLE - MADE IN USA - Each Bumper Sticker is 11" wide by 2.8" tall and is made with quality outdoor-durable vinyl, includes an integrated UV and Glossy protective layering that gives it extreme heat, sun water, ice and freezing condition protections! Our Electric Vehicle Bumper Stickers feature colorful gradients, fine edges, and are designed to be easy to read from a distance. Stickers are completely 100% removable and hassle-free, simply fun.

While keeping our quality high and prices low, we also offer affordable USPS First-Class Domestic Shipping to anywhere in the U.S.A. as well as options for Priority Mail and affordable First-Class International Delivery at a discounted rate. If you're not 100% happy with your bumper stickers simply let us know and we will refund you 100%!

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