Proven By Science 4.5"INCH EV STICKER


Reference: SCIENCE45IN

Proven by SCIENCE! - 4.5" inch! ROUND EV Sticker


$12.95 per decal

Data sheet

Width 4.5"
Type Fully-Removable
Protectant UV Protection
Survives Dry Heat, Scorching Sun, Wet Freezing Cold/Snow, Fingerprints, Wet Rain & Car-wash
Features Full-Color Photo Quality Gradients

More info

EVs are created using the scientific method and 100% proven by science to be lightyears better. does the scientific method work? 

First, you simply need to ask a question: 

"Are EVs more awesome than ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles?" - Then you need to do some background research and construct a hypothesis: "We have researched hundreds of EVs and compared them to ICE vehicles". Then you test Your hypothesis by experimentation: "We've tested, researched further, and experimented on EVs", finally, we analyze our data and draw a conclusion: "According to extensive testing, rigorous experimentation, and highly intensive data analysis regarding the awesomeness of EVs compared to ICE (Internal Combusion Engine) vehicles, we have concluded that they are not only more awesome all-round, but safer, more convenient, use energy more efficiently, more enjoyable, far cheaper economically, have less maintenance, quieter, look cooler, sound cooler, smell cooler, sometimes are more luxurious, handle better due to the center of gravity, and overall lightyears better than any dinosaur-powered gas guzzling *cough* *cough* *cough*...excuse me- *ehem* during testing Leroy and I got a bit ill from the Disgusting Exhaust And Fumes (DEAF) from the old cars, what was that, the terribly inefficient explosive engine was so loud I'm slightly deaf now" .... 

The last step of the scientific method is to communicate your results! How do we do this? Simply log on to, purchase a "Proven By Science" EV Sticker, and display it proudly on your EV- or anywhere!

FULLY REMOVABLE - Each ROUND Bumper Sticker is 4.5" wide - and is made with quality outdoor-durable vinyl, includes an integrated UV and Glossy protective layering that gives it extreme heat, sun water, ice and freezing condition protections! Our Electric Vehicle Bumper Stickers feature colorful gradients, fine edges, and are designed to be easy to read from a distance.  Each sticker is non-permanent thanks to a specialized layering.

Affordable USPS First-Class Domestic Shipping to anywhere in the U.S.A. as well as options for Priority Mail and affordable First-Class International Delivery. If you're not 100% happy with your bumper stickers simply let us know and we will refund you 100%! 
Stickers are completely 100% removable and hassle-free, simply fun! Display them proudly!

EV owners today, are early adopters, trendsetters, far more important than they may realize!